Endurance Cubed is an endurance lifestyle brand supporting your pursuit of all things healthy and active. We, Kaori Funahashi and Nate Dressel, met at triathlon's infamous Wildflower Triathlon and formed an instant bond over our love for premium coffee, great beer, and living an endurance life! After our initial meeting, Nate began coaching Kaori in her efforts to gain podium spots in triathlon and she has been on quite a few since then! Eventually Kaori made the jump from dominating races to helping other athletes when she partnered with E^3 as a coach herself.

Our intent is to provide every endurance athlete from the recreational walker to the masters swimmer to the professional triathlete: a single source for endurance lifestyle apparel, coaching, guidance, events, and camaraderie. Please enjoy all we have to offer and feel free to drop us a line with any questions or just to check in and let us know how you lead your endurance life!

If you can endure, you can survive.

Kaori & Nate