Featured Athletes - Brad and Robyn Moore

Robyn and Bradley Moore. Echo Canyon Tri 2015

Robyn and Bradley Moore. Echo Canyon Tri 2015


Brad and Robyn Moore are an inspiring endurance couple based south of Salt Lake City, UT. This past weekend they both competed in the Echo Canyon triathlon and both came away some impressive hardware! Congratulations!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brad and Robyn post race. Boy, are these two passionate about triathlon and each other!

E^3 : Good morning Robyn, How are you doing?

Robyn : Oh, I am great. Just eating some bacon and avocados while beaming with pride over my husband's performance yesterday.

E^3 : Hey Brad, Congratulations! How are you feeling after completing and getting on the podium at your first triathlon?

Brad : I am feeling great after completing my first triathlon. My goal going into it was to enjoy it and have a great time and that's exactly what happened. Getting on the podium was an extra. I didn't even think to look at my position within my age group. Robyn and I were talking about how awesome she did by finishing 4th female overall when we heard the announcer say "Bradley Moore". We both looked at each other and waited for another Bradley Moore to walk up to the podium. I had to ask the lady what the award was for. I assumed it was 1st overall for looking the best in spandex. Needless to say I was pretty surprised but Robyn explained to me that all the training comes together at race time. I saw the hours of sweat from Nate's workouts paying off.

E^3 : Ooo, the coveted mandex award! How long have you been training for triathlons and what has been your favorite part of training so far?

Brad : I have been training for triathlons for a few months now. My favorite part of the training so far has definitely been meeting new friends. So many people I don't even know that well sent me messages on Facebook congratulating me on finishing my first triathlon and it was a sprint distance. It was really cool and nice of them because some of these people are ridiculous athletes who would've lapped me numerous times on the course. So for them to reach out meant a lot. The triathlon community has been my favorite part of training.

E^3 : Robyn, how long have you been participating in triathlon, what is your favorite distance race, favorite event of the three, and why?

Robyn : This is my third triathlon season! Favorite distance? If you would've asked me 6 months ago, I would've said long course 70.3, hands down. Lately, life has thrown some curveballs and has had me signing up for some sprint distances. HOLY FUN!!! These little things are feisty and such a blast. I've also performed really well at this distance and that makes for an extra good time :). In the past,  I trained specifically for the 70.3 distance and fell in love with the training. I did 4 70.3's and PRD with a time of 5:23 and just had a blast. However, I love the sprints right now because there is something very satisfying about the all out efforts. Sprint takes the lead in my heart right now. Favorite event? Does eating count? The run has always been my favorite because I thought it was my strength and it meant I was almost finished with an event. However, I'm having a change of heart for the swim and finding it to be much more enjoyable than I knew it could be. I've been much more relaxed at my last few races and have PRD my last 70.3 and sprint distance swim so far this year. Seeing gains is always fun, so right now swim is my favorite. I finally don't hate it!! That's a WIN.