Featured Athlete - Meagen Johnson


E^3 - Good afternoon Meagen! We’re into 2016 and your kick off race, 70.3 Oceanside is coming up quick! How’s training and preparation going so far

MJ -Training is going well. I am really looking forward to the this 2016 race season! Getting stronger every day and can't wait to start racing!

E^3 - You were plagued by some injuries toward the end of your 2015 season causing you to skip 70.3 Arizona. Could you tell us a bit about the injury and how you were able to recover and get back to training?

I am SO glad I rested and didn’t race because I was able to heal and slowly come back and I am feeling stronger than ever!
MJ - After Kokopelli Triathlon in Aug, I was diagnosed with hip tendonitis. I couldn’t even walk. After talking with coach Nate, we decided to rest to see if AZ70.3 could be a possibility. Unfortunately, my hip had other plans. Participating in AZ70.3 could of jeopardized my 2016 season, so after discussing my options with coach Nate we decided to end my season. The priority was not racing, but recovering and having a strong off-season was a better idea. It was a difficult decision. I was really looking forward to AZ70.3. BUT…

E^3 - You’re one of the big wig’s at Utah’s favorite website for everything under the sun, KSL.com, could you tell us a little bit about what you do there and how you manage to balance your training with work?

MJ - Haha! Yeah, I am the General Manager of KSL Local Commerce, which is part of the KSL Marketplace team. What’s marketplace? KSL Classifieds, Jobs, Cars, Deals, and Local Directory.  I manage the Local Commerce business operations, have awesome staff and every day is chaos. You’ll usually find me up at 4:30 am or at 9 pm trying to get my workouts in because late nights are normal for work or I am being a mom and running kids to dance or picking up from play rehearsals. 

E^3 - How about your family? You’ve got a couple teenagers running around; I’m sure that adds to your need for excellent time management. Do you think your tri fever will be contagious in your house?

MJ - I have four teenagers! 19, 18, 16 and 13. Never a dull moment in our house. My hubby bikes and runs with me when I train. This season he even set up his bike in the pain cave. I’ll probably never get him in the pool or to do a tri, but he is truly my biggest cheerleader and triathlon support! My family is super supportive of my triathlon efforts and you’ll see them at the finish lines cheering me on. While my kids might not being doing a triathlon, I hope they see my hard work and dedication to my sport and will apply that same effort in their dance, sports or other activities that they participate in. 

E^3 - How long have you been participating in triathlon, what is your favorite distance race, favorite event of the three, and why?

MJ - I did my first triathlon in 2008. I did it to “hang” with my friends. I had no idea how to swim, transitions were “social hour” and I received a run penalty for having headphones on the course because I didn’t know better. Hilarious!! 

I got serious in 2012 and completed my first 70.3 in May of 2013. Been hooked every since!

My favorite distances are the Sprint & 70.3. Honestly, I loathe the Olympic distance - too long to go fast and too short to find a pace.  I’ve never done a full. This year is the year! I am doing IM Boulder in August. 

E^3 - What prompted you to find a coach and why did you chose Endurance Cubed?

MJ - I had a coach before that helped me get started. I was looking for a coach to take me to the next level and really push me. After a local triathlon, I was talking with Robyn Moore about her success and she told me about Coach Nate. Of course I had to web stalk Nate before I reached out to him.  I contacted him and was immediately impressed with his experience and his coaching style. I really appreciated how we discussed my future goals and what I wanted to achieve. After just three months of working with him, I PR'd my sprint tri and took 3rd place. He believes in me and pushes me to past where I think I can even go.

E^3 - What are your goals for this season and into the long term?

MJ - I am in a new age group this year, but my birthday isn’t until December. YAY!  My goals for this 2016 season are to PR my races over last year and get some more podium time! I am also taking on my first FULL Ironman in August in Boulder. Triathlon is part of my lifestyle. Every year I will continue to figure out new ways to challenge and push myself to do better!  Never know… maybe there’s a Kona in my future!

E^3 - Now that you can’t be considered a rookie, do you have any advice for the new comers?

MJ - My advice for a new comer would be put in the work and start where you are. Ask questions! Team members, my coach, and tri club friends have been amazing resources throughout my years. Remember - the only person you are competing against is yourself. 

E^3 - Thanks for your time; it's a pleasure working with you and I am very excited for your 2016 season! Any parting words for the readers?

MJ - Join a tri team or club! You can only really get so far on your own. Being a part of a tri team or club makes the experience more rewarding and fun! It’s a blast to give support and receive it from team mates.